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Australian Mango Report

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Daily Mango prices for Wednesday 26 April 2017

Species/Variety/Tonnes Market State Region Pack Price Range Most Sales Best Avg Kg Supply Demand Carrover Quality
Low High Low High

MANGOES,Kensington Pride,No1ADLSRiverlandSLTray32.00 -34.0038.007VLightAdeqSomeGood
Kensington Pride,No2ADLSRiverlandSLTray22.00 -24.0030.007VLightAdeqSomeMixed
Atalofo,Count 12 1.18TBRSIMexico9LCtn36.005LightGood
Tommy Atkins,Count 12BRSIMexico9LCtn36.005LightGoodSomeGood
BrookMLBQSLTray25.00 -30.007LightFairSomeFair
Kensington Pride,UnspecifiedMLBVMilduraSLTray20.00 -50.007VLightFairSomeMixed
Tommy AtkinsMLBIMexicoSLTray35.007VLightFairSomeFair
AtaulfoSYDIMexico2.5KgCt38.00 -40.002.5VLightSlowSomeFair
Kensington Pride,No1,UnspecifiedSYDSSLTray30.00 -45.0035.00 -45.007VLightGoodSomeMixed
Kensington Pride,No2SYDSSLTray20.00 -30.007VLightFairSomeMixed
Tommy AtkinsSYDIMexico10LTray30.00 -35.004.6ModFairSomeGood
Culinary,Chok AnandSYDQKg5.001VLightFairSomeFair

Intakes (tonnes) for each Market appear beside the first listing for that Market. States N=NSW, Y=Northern Territory, Q=QLD, V=Victoria W=WA, I=Imported.

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